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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Framing Harmony - 3rd Rehearsal

Anna had the new scripts so we can now start to learn our lines without fear that they may be changed by the next week. I think the show is really starting to take shape. If we can just work on the timing and flow - which will come naturally over time - then I'm positive we will put on a great performance.

I brought some more music today and now with the finished scripts can everyone see if they have any songs explicitly written in and see if they can work out a song they would like to do. Otherwise just keep thinking of old sixties songs that might be good for background music or whatever. Beck also brought some ideas for her costume in. If anyone has any costume ideas at home, can they bring it along next week, thanks.

Anna has given her apologies for next week as she will be in a whole other country and so will not be able to make the rehearsal.

Danika and Shawn in the back room

Sadie in shades

Beck in harmony dress

April reluctantly posing


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