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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Framing Harmony - 2nd Rehearsal

Still in early stages, but already the show is beginning to take shape. The group is working very well together with plenty of creative and funny ideas being thrown around. I hope everyone is having a good time. Shawn has promised us pizza for next week (he means it this time), so I hope to see you all there.

Thank you all for coming and a special thank you to Anna for her contributions to songs and the script.

There are a few photos that came out alright, that is I think they're not too bad. I'm not sure which ones Shawn wants to put on the posters, but I'll post a few of the good ones up here. If anyone needs the original high quality images for printing or anything or wants to see the other ones, just email me.

Ms. Bovine at her finest

Sadie Sunshine beaming with joy

Happy Harmony

Mrs. Formaldehyde

Cast Shot 1

Cast Shot 2


Blogger Rebekah said...

Should we be bringing some kind of costume for the postre photo's? I have found a few things but not really sure if they are what we are looking for. I also have read through the script and have a few questions, but i'll see you all on wed.

8:55 am  

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