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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Quest News Retrospect

Fundraiser at ACU

The Australian Catholic University will fundraise for Windsor's Refugee Claimants' Centre this Friday with ACU Alive, an exhibition featuring live bands, drama, street theatre, buskers and children's activities.

Produced by the McAuley Student Association the event will run from 5.30pm to 10pm at the McAuley campus, 110 Nudgee Rd, Banyo. Tickets cost $4.

Framing Harmony in the news last year

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Framing Harmony - Opening Week

Thanks everyone for a great show!

The Cast

Sadie - exchange student/actress

Harmony - student, Ms. Bovine's niece

Elijah - scholarship student

Crankshaft - lecturer, failed performer

Bovine - administration, Harmony's aunt

Mrs. Formaldehyde - lecturer

Mr. Formaldehyde - lecturer

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Framing Harmony - 3 weeks to go

Rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday were very productive, but we are slowly running out of time, three weeks to go until show time. I think everyone is going very well with their performances and the staging is coming along great. If everyone works as hard as they can to get their lines down by next week, I think we can begin improving the overall timing of the show and the delivery of specific key lines.

Shawn has advised that tickets for ACU Alive! will be available next week for people to sell.

Eyes open Shawn

Cheesy smile Beck

Anna's photo smile

Friday, July 16, 2004

ACU Alive Event Details

A C U A l i v e ! 2 0 0 4
a cultural showcase

Friday August 13th, 4:30pm - 10pm.
Tickets $4 each, at the door or purchased from student association office.
ACU National, Brisbane Campus
1100 Nudgee Rd. Banyo

Australian Catholic University is committed to promoting and showcasing the talent of young Australians, each year we hold ACUAlive, a cultural showcase. ACU Alive is an initiative of McAuleyStudent Association's Cultural Portfolio; our aim for the event is to make the campus become 'alive' with a showcase of our student's cultural talents. This event is open to all our students, family, friends and the wider local community. It is a great opportunity to view the talent of our students from ACU McAuley, Brisbane campus.

This year our program will feature :
live Bands,
a BBQ and bar.
a musical performance "Framing Harmony" written by Joshua Birtles and enacted by "Spaced Out Productions" our very own theatre group from the arts program.
drama performance "Contains Breakables", written by Alicia Eyres yr.11, a QPAC finalist young scriptwriter of 2003
choir performance
the Banyo art gallery will be open displaying students work.
a cultural forecourt with a coffee shop, jumping castle, children's area, buskers and street performers.
a interactive refugee, social justice display.
firework display.

We invite you to share in the spirit of ACU Alive, a cultural showcase. For further information you can contact the McAuley StudentAssociation on (07) 3622 9000 or via email at

Framing Harmony - 4 weeks 'till show time

Wednesday Anna was in Fiji, but we managed just fine without her. April came into the drama room worried that she was late, but she wasn't that late. We went downstairs to look for Shawn, but couldn't find him. He showed up soon afterwards anyway. Elyse and Beck had their winter institute class and so couldn't make it until 4:30, but even so we managed to get a lot done with blocking and staging for the second act. Anthony came a bit later. He said he definitely doesn't want to act, but has agreed to help out with sound and backstage for the show, so everyone make sure you say thank you to him for that.

Because second semester begins next week and many people have classes conflicting with Wednesday night rehearsals, we have decided to move the rehearsals to Monday and Tuesday nights from 5:30 to around 7:30.

Say hello to Anthony, our new sound guy

Danika with glasses off

April eating a gummy lolly

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Framing Harmony - 3rd Rehearsal

Anna had the new scripts so we can now start to learn our lines without fear that they may be changed by the next week. I think the show is really starting to take shape. If we can just work on the timing and flow - which will come naturally over time - then I'm positive we will put on a great performance.

I brought some more music today and now with the finished scripts can everyone see if they have any songs explicitly written in and see if they can work out a song they would like to do. Otherwise just keep thinking of old sixties songs that might be good for background music or whatever. Beck also brought some ideas for her costume in. If anyone has any costume ideas at home, can they bring it along next week, thanks.

Anna has given her apologies for next week as she will be in a whole other country and so will not be able to make the rehearsal.

Danika and Shawn in the back room

Sadie in shades

Beck in harmony dress

April reluctantly posing

Monday, July 05, 2004

Script Finalised!

Good news everyone. The script has been completed and Anna is going to try to get it printed and bound by Wednesday with a nice cover and everything. Hooray!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Framing Harmony - 2nd Rehearsal

Still in early stages, but already the show is beginning to take shape. The group is working very well together with plenty of creative and funny ideas being thrown around. I hope everyone is having a good time. Shawn has promised us pizza for next week (he means it this time), so I hope to see you all there.

Thank you all for coming and a special thank you to Anna for her contributions to songs and the script.

There are a few photos that came out alright, that is I think they're not too bad. I'm not sure which ones Shawn wants to put on the posters, but I'll post a few of the good ones up here. If anyone needs the original high quality images for printing or anything or wants to see the other ones, just email me.

Ms. Bovine at her finest

Sadie Sunshine beaming with joy

Happy Harmony

Mrs. Formaldehyde

Cast Shot 1

Cast Shot 2